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Member Since: 2003 
11717 Exploration Lane
Germantown, Maryland 20876

  (301) 428-5500

Vice President and General Manager, Defense and Intelligence Systems Division:
Rick Lober

Assistant Vice President, Hughes, North America Government Solutions:
Tony Bardo

Senior Director, Technical, Defense and Intelligence Systems Division:
Dan Losada

Business Focus:
Hughes is the global leader in providing broadband satellite networks and services for governments, enterprises, small businesses and consumers. HughesNet encompasses all broadband solutions and managed services from Hughes, bridging the best of satellite and terrestrial technologies. Its broadband satellite products are based on global standards approved by the TIA, ETSI and ITU standards organizations (IPoS/DVB-S2, RSM-A and GMR- 1). More than 2.2 million systems shipped to customers in 100 countries.

Offers satellite-based managed broadband network services 
(including MWR) designs; manufactures broadband 
satellite products for various applications (including COTM, 

U.S. Defense Department; SSA; U.S. Army; states of Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania; Fortune 500 companies, including Blockbuster, GTECH, YUM! brands and U.S. consumer subscribers.

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