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Rincon Research Corporation
Member Since: 2004 
101 North Wilmot Road, Suite 101
Tucson, Arizona 85711

  (520) 519-4600

Chief Executive Officer:
Steve Ziehmer

President and AFCEA Contact:
Dolores Reuland

Executive Assistant:
Camille Robinson

Business Focus:
Founded in 1983, Rincon Research Corporation (RRC) is a leader in DSP application research and development. The technical staff applies advanced DSP techniques to signal characterization and identification, spectral analysis, filtering and demodulation, interference cancellation and signal tracking. The staff uses commercial off-the-shelf software and special-purpose equipment to provide responsive solutions to demanding customer requirements. Applications developed by the employee-owned company are used throughout the world.

End-to-end digital signal processing applications written in C, C++ and X-Midas. Research into next-generation systems, consulting and commercial RF and high-speed modular FPGA processing boards and CORES.

Government organizations such as the Defense Department, the services, the intelligence community and its contractors.

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