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Bivio Networks Inc.
Member Since: 2006 
4457 Willow Road, Suite 240
Pleasanton, California 94588

  (925) 924-8600

Executive Chairman:
Elan Amir

Vice President, Worldwide Sales:
Leila Bristow

Vice President of Engineering:
Raj Srinivasan

Business Focus:
Bivio Networks, Inc. (Bivio) is a developer of innovative, high-performance network security platform solutions for federal and commercial network operators and large enterprise customers. Bivio products enable government agencies and service providers to control, monitor and secure critical network infrastructure. A leader in cyber intelligence, cyber security and network control solutions, Bivio has deployed its products in a wide range of environments. Bivio's global customer base includes leading defense department and intelligence agencies, service providers and enterprises. Founded in 2000, Bivio is privately-held and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Advanced Cyber Security Application Platforms

Bivio's Advanced Cyber Security Application 
Platforms are a family of carrier-grade, high-
performance packet processing systems that are 
flexible, salable and fully programmable. The 
platform combines an Intel® processor-based 
hardware architecture optimized for packet 
processing with a robust software platform that 
includes an optimized Linux application 
environment and a comprehensive set of 
networking features. Designed specifically to 
provide wire speed deep packet and applications 
processing with uncompromising performance and 
unmatched flexibility, the Bivio platform 
architecture allows cyber security and network 
assurance professionals to rapidly deploy 
advanced network application solutions with 40 
Gbps full duplex line rate packet processing 
capability in a power-efficient platform with a 
lower total cost of ownership.

Bivio platforms are fully programmable systems 
that allow any Linux-based networking 
application to run on the system with little or 
no porting effort. All applications run on a 
performance-optimized Linux distribution with 
full API compatibility so that advanced cyber 
solutions can be online within hours of 
installing the system. The platform also 
includes a rich set of software infrastructure 
components that assist developers in 
implementing advanced features of the platform 
such as high availability and system management 

Bivio products are widely deployed among law enforcement, government and military organizations. Applications include cyber intelligence and defense systems, network data surveillance, flow analysis and continuous monitoring tools.

FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant Common Criteria v3.1 (pending)

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