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Space Engineering SpA
Member Since: 2007 
Via dei Berio 91
91-00155 Roma

  39 06 22595204

AFCEA Contact:
Fabrizio Petrosino

Business Focus:
Space Engineering has been part of ASTRIUM since April 2012 and operates in the Space and Telecommunications Market at both system-level (performance assessment, design) and equipment-level (hardware/software design and development), owning a significant number of international patents (antennas, scientific software, DSP and radar). Focuses on satellite and TLC engineering and applications; system analyses; digital signal processing; CDMA modems, antennas design; on-board and on-ground electromagnetic analyses; test beds; modeling and simulations.

Engineering and developments, antenna design; RF 
components design; digital components; design 
communication systems design; satellite ground segment 
design; EMC analysis; modeling and simulations. Product 
families: antennas; testbeds; modems; digital components; 
proprietary boards; RF components. Services: hardware 
integration; hardware integration in controlled environment 
(CleanRoom); alignment activities in controlled environment 

Space agencies; satellite integrators-manufacturers; satellite system integrators; satellite operators; satellite applications operators; research centers; terrestrial telecommunications; homeland security; terrestrial environment monitoring.

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