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Altobridge Corporation
Member Since: 2007 
541 East Trimble Road
San Jose, California 95131

  (703) 953-4555

Director, Special Operations Forces and Intelligence Business:
Norman Hubbs

Vice President, Americas:
Monte Egeland

Business Focus:
Altobridge provides secure portable cellular and IP networks via the Advanced Deployable Node-Lite (ADN-L). It employs leading-edge, IP-centric software, enabling standard cellular service anytime and anywhere. Altobridge's patented technology reduces bandwidth and cost. The ADN-L operates in stand-alone mode or as a node on a network and supports secure communications; it easily integrates with ISR applications, including video to warfighters on the edge with cell phones and PDAs. Altobridge solutions are used by the special operations and intelligence communities.

The ADN-L secure portable cellular/IP network  weighs 7 pounds and and is less than 350 cubic inches. It supports GSM and Wi-Fi and can 
operate standalone or connected to a cellular 

Army SOF, Army intelligence, NAVSPECWARCOM.

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