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Member Since: 2008 
11260 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 406
Reston, Virginia 20190

  (703) 689-9689

Vice President:
Paula Armentrout

Business Administrator:
Alex Torres

Business Focus:
Parabon, a veteran provider of enterprise computing software and professional services, delivers affordable, extreme-scale, distributed computing solutions to a wide variety of commercial, academic and government customers, including such security-focused organizations as the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. intelligence community. Parabon's Frontier Enterprise Computing software solution can be deployed internally, harnessing the excess capacity of an organization's existing enterprise assets. Frontier also can be installed across a virtualized data center, providing an enterprise computing service for cloud computing infrastructures.

Software:  Frontier Enterprise Computing Platform, Parabon 
Snapshot, Parabon Crush Data Mining, Parabon inSēquio Design 

Government (DOD, NASA, NSF, DOJ, DHS, USGS, DOI), academic, nonprofit and private sectors.

Access to Contract Vehicles:
GSA, SEWP, T-4, Encore II, FBI IT Triple S.

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