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NexTek Inc.
Member Since: 2009 
2 Park Drive, Building #1
Westford, Massachusetts 01886

  (978) 486-0582

Sales Manager and AFCEA Contact:
Ed Cope

Applications Engineer:
Mike Kauffman

Customer Service:
Sharon Brown

Business Focus:
NexTek was founded in 1986 to supply EMI/EMC solutions to the electronics industry. Serving the communications, aviation, computer, military, and medical electronic industries, NexTek¿s goal is to solve customer EMC challenges with cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and service. NexTek is an excellence-oriented engineering company that provides best-in-class lightning protection, and EMC / power conditioning products and services. NexTek designs, develops, manufactures and markets EMI/EMC solutions internationally. NexTek provides technical resources and solves their customers¿ EMC challenges by providing cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and services.

Coaxial surge protectors and lightning arrestors up to 200,000 amps surge. High-current DC filters help provide smooth, clean power for medical equipment and military communications. Projects: Zumwalt, Spider, Patriot, Command Post Platform, Joint 
Strike Fighter.

All key military suppliers and commercial communication OEMs.

Annual Sales:
Approximately $5 million.

ISO 9001:2008.

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