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Infrastructure Optimization
Purchasing new IT infrastructure can be a daunting, expensive, and consequential process. Solutions purchased without sufficient research or planning can end up sitting on the self indefinitely. And projects that cannot be completed with in-house skillsets are often put off indefinitely.

That's why many agencies turn to a trusted partner with deep technical expertise and solid industry relationships before making a decision--a partner like Jeskell. We make sure your core infrastructure optimization projects are carefully planned, precisely executed, and running correctly over the course of a warm hand-off.

Security Analytics
The number of viruses, spyware, malware, and sophisticated cyber attacks in the marketplace is ever-increasing, with new threats being designed every day to penetrate every layer of your organization's environment. It has become essential for companies to protect their networks and assets from both internal and external risks, in increasingly complex ways.

What's your best bet for keeping your data safe and your organization's name out of the papers? Strong cyber security systems use the latest technologies with research-based security features from trusted providers.

Jeskell has crafted deep expertise in select resources from our industry-leading partners. Our goal is to provide solutions that perform effectively under pressure, not just when things go as planned.

How do you affordably minimize IT complexities and operations costs while improving infrastructure performance and scalability? For many organizations, cloud solutions and services are the answer.

Whether your organization is looking for cloud storage solutions for data backup and recovery, or cloud infrastructure services to replace on-prem footprints, Jeskell can help you take advantage of this new IT landscape. We currently offer a full range of IBM cloud options, including SoftLayer, IBM's FedRAMP-certified Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud. 

High Performance Storage
Today's application workloads are putting storage and network performance under pressure. Traditional systems are engulfed by everything from Big Data and large-scale files to unstructured data. Managing this data can become exceedingly difficult, not only from a capacity standpoint, but also from the architectural side.

Government agencies in particular face even more challenges. With expanding capacity requirements, aging infrastructure, and decreasing budgets, managers are left wondering how they can improve data performance and security with limited resources. 

At Jeskell, we've helped enterprises and government agencies address these and other storage-related problems for over 25 years. Our high performance storage solutions are customized for each client, tailored to their needs and their budget.

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NITAAC CIO-CS Contract # HHSN316201500060W, GSA Contract# GS-35F-4902H

IBM Platinum Business Partner; Dell Federal Partner; Cisco; Brocade; Lenovo; RedHat; VMware; and more.

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