Medium Corporate Member

E.TEL.S.r.l. Elettronica & Telecomunicazioni
Member Since: 2009 
Via Del Torraccio Di Torrenova, 16
00133 Roma

  39 06 2030872

Chief Executive Officer:
Diego Roberti

Business Focus:
Shielding rooms construction, COMSEC documentation (AED security regulations, risk analysis), INFOSEC areas realization, copper and O.F. cabling for local area networks. Intrusion alarm systems, fire-detection systems, TVCC systems, grounding systems and air-conditioning and treatment systems.

COMSEC shielding rooms, elaboration of COMSEC 
documentation, PLF, SLF, telephone disconnector, waveguide 
filters for O.F., Tempest boxes and shielding rooms 
maintenance. INFOSEC consulting service and shielding 
effectiveness testing.

Presidency of the Cabinet Council; NATO; Italian air force, navy and army; Italian Joint Forces Headquarters; U.S. Navy and Ministry of Communication. Finmeccanica companies, Sun Microsystems S.p.A., Eutelia S.p.A., S.S.I. S.p.A., Signis (Vatican City).

Annual Sales:
1.24 million euros.

Small Business Status:
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