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Network Runners, Inc.
Member Since: 2009 
107 E Holly Ave
Suite 8
Sterling, Virginia 20164


Manoj Bhatia

Preeti Bhatia

VP Business Development:
Lloyd Holbert

Business Focus:
Information Technology Solutions Company - providing innovative IT solutions and organizational support that gives you the advantage. Network Runners, Inc., is a trusted consultancy and partner to both the public sector and private sedor: We are recognized for our exceptional service, ingenui1y, and going beyond to achieve excellence. * Certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business * Woman-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (Self-Certified) * Virginia Minori1y Business Enterprise (VMBE) * Maryland Minori1y Business Enterprise (MMBE) * Serving Government and Commercial Business

* Infrastructure Consolidation
- Turn-Key solution
- Streamline and Right-size IT infrastructure
- Enterprise applications
- Managed services
- IT Support and Management
- Green IT
- Security
- Network and Systems Administration

* Information Management
- Create Information strategy
- Big-data storage
- Cloud solutions
- Mobile solutions
- Backup and Disaster recovery
- Maximize performance from legacy environments
- Content strategy
- Document management and collaboration

* IT Process & Strategy
- Simplify IT management
- IT governance and process optimization
- Change management
- Agile and scrum technique implementation
- IT and business architecture alignment
- Value driven performance
- Smart IT

* Organization Support
- Business risk analysis and management
- Helpdesk support
- Web development and maintenance
- Manpower and human resource support
- Graphics and presentation support
- Strategic messaging and communications
- Admin and EA support
- Senior Leader Analytic support
- Planning and implementation of outreach 

DOD, USMC, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, DIA, USDA, BPD, FAA, Dept. of Treasury, Dept. Health & Human Services, Dept. of Agriculture

Access to Contract Vehicles:
Seaport-e, GSA, 8(a) SDB

8(a) SDB; WOSB, ISO 9001:2008

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