Medium Corporate Member

Teleanalys AB
Member Since: 2010 
Banvaktsvagen 20
SE 17148 Solna

  +468 835330

Chief Executive Officer:
Lars Pettersson

Senior Adviser and AFCEA Contact:
Jan G Linder

Engineering Manager:
Gunnar RosÚn

Business Focus:
Teleanalys AB designs, builds and installs reliable and efficient communication systems for tough and demanding environments. Wherever possible, the company uses COTS and MOTS components and systems that result in cost-efficient solutions. Operating with a small and competent staff, Teleanalys AB's use of a huge network of specialized subcontractors is the key factor in market success.

Reliable communication solutions for demanding environments. Products and systems range from  simple wire-based, point-to-point solutions to  multi-user solutions based on advanced wireless technologies, including VoIP mesh network technology.

Military services and government organizations such as the Coast Guard, Customs, police and homeland defense in Sweden and abroad.

Annual Sales:
SEK 30 million.

Small Business Status:
Business Categories: