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Amplifier Technology Limited
Member Since: 2011 
Unit 5, Easter Court
Woodward Avenue
Westerleigh Business Park
Yate, Bristol BS37 5YS
United Kingdom

  44 (0) 8700 509247

Simon Taylor

Sales Manager:
Michael Spiewakowski

General Manager:
Sarah Smith

Business Focus:
Amplifier Technology is a specialist amplifier design company and was one of the first organizations to offer a range of highly efficient GaN amplifers. The company offers a wide range of off-the-shelf models and a cusotmer-spec design service to develop RF amplifiers and related systems for non-standard requirements. The company is a technology leader that can deliver complex multidisciplinary, multivendor solutions effectively on time and within tightly defined budgets. Above all, the firm is a reliable supplier with the experience to pull together solutions from its in-house teams and from its partners, providing solutions that work.

Solid-state high-power amplifiers 20 MHz to 6  GHz as well as specialist products up to 40 GHz.

Thales, Selex, Cassidian, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, MBDA, Roke Manor and others.

Annual Sales:
$13 million.

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