Medium Corporate Member

Apalytics Corporation
Member Since: 2011 
4102 River Place Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78730

  (512) 522-6620

Executive Analyst:
William N. Alderson

Business Focus:
Computer network and application performance optimization services. Apalytics has experience troubleshooting the most complex IT problems with rapid response and definitive results.

Network and application performance optimization 
analysis services, including the expert building of 
application performance management and network 
management monitoring assessments.

The company has provided services to 75 of the Fortune 100 plus federal, state and local government entities, including OSD CIO, NISO-Pentagon, U.S. CENTCOM, U.S. Joint Chiefs, DOJ.

Annual Sales:
$1 million.

Access to Contract Vehicles:
CCR and SAM registered; GSA Schedule pending; partnerships with other prime contractors. Veteran- owned small business.

The company developed Sniffer analyzer training and the top network forensics certification the Certified NetAnalyst Program, certifying more than 3,000 professionals in network and application forensics.

Small Business Status:
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