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Homeland Security Solutions Inc.
Member Since: 2011 
2111 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 402
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

  (571) 221-4095

President and Chief Executive Officer:
Steve Cameron

Vice President, Chief Learning Officer:
Alan A. Malinchak

Business Focus:
Homeland Security Solutions Inc. (HSSI) is a training and professional services company. Its core values center on best value, exceptional performance and mission-focused customer service with tailored support. HSSI is connected to those who serve the United States. Forty-one percent of its employees are veterans; one-third of its veterans are disabled American veterans. The company believes in honor, courage and commitment--the foundations its personnel swore an oath to protect while serving for its country and its community.

Law enforcement policy and procedures expertise;
armed and non-armed Guard services; data support; e-
learning; law enforcement training and leadership 
development; training exercises; full-service training 
academy certified in Virginia; and workplace violence and 
prevention programs.

DOD, DHS, intelligence, law enforcement, emergency services, physical security, private sector.

Access to Contract Vehicles:
SeaPort-e; PEO STRI; FBI Triple S.

Virginia: DCJS--Guard/Courier Services License 11-6592; California: DBA - Force Protection Solutions, BSIS - Private Patrol Operators License 16404.

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