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DHA Group
Member Since: 2011 
1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 510
Washington, District of Columbia 20004

  (202) 669-5974

David F. Hale

Business Development:
Douglas F. Tribull

Business Focus:
DHA Group, Inc. (DHA) has served as a Trusted Partner of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement communities for nearly 20 years. The company supports the country's ability to achieve mission-critical activity even in the most sensitive and classified branches of the government. DHA Group is recognized for consistently delivering exceptional services, solutions, support and human talent to facilitate the U.S. Global War on Terrorism and to modernize federal law enforcement technologies and practices. DHA has embedded more than 200 staff members with Top Secret clearance and mission-oriented responsibilities throughout a diverse range of intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies.

Delivers professional services/consulting that addresses the following broad categories: counterterrorism, intelligence, and law enforcement information sharing; intelligence infrastructure protection; law enforcement system modernization; intelligence and law enforcement acquisition management and program oversight.

Primarily the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice.

Annual Sales:
$33.5 million.

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