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Pwnie Express
Member Since: 2011 
617 Comstock Road
Suite 4
Berlin, Vermont 05641

  (855) 793-1337

Chief Executive Officer:
Dave Porcello

Director, Federal Marketing and Sales, and AFCEA Contact:
Mark Hughes

Business Focus:
Pwnie Express is a premier global provider of innovative, cost- effective, rapid deployment cybersecurity penetration testing products. Its products have been incorporated into the cybersecurity toolboxes of more than 100 security service providers, several Fortune 50 companies and various federal agencies. It has recently been featured on The Pwn Plug has been named as the Editors Choice in PC Magazine, and Pwnie Express has been named by CIO Online as one of the seven hottest security companies to watch.

Products include the Pwn Plug Elite and R2, Power Pwn, Pwn Pad, 
Enterprise Pentesting Appliance and Citidel PX. Training services 

Pwnie Express' clients include NSA, DHS, DOD, DOE, DOT, State Department and other federal state and local agencies.

Annual Sales:

Access to Contract Vehicles:
Pwnie Express currently has access to various resellers who have GSA Schedules.

Canadian Joint Certification Program #0064131 February 2012 - February 2017; BIS/Commodity Jurisdiction Final Determination ECCN 5A002.a.1. - March 2012; Country of Origin Determination (US): #HQ H215555 - 13 July 2012 (FAR 52-225-2/4/6).

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