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Sequoia Strategies & Solutions
Member Since: 2012 
2964 Halston Drive
Manchester, Maryland 21102

  (888) 782-8156

Chief Executive Officer:
Jay Bobele

Business Focus:
Sequoia Strategies & Solutions is dedicated to providing specialized engineering and intelligence support services focused on bridging the gaps between the national and tactical intelligence & defense communities of the United States and its Allies. Formed in 2009, Sequoia Strategies & Solutions is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that is committed to providing our clients top-quality Engineering and Intelligence services to the U.S. Government that is always honest and demonstrates sound ethics and integrity. Our market space, the Intelligence Community, is a close community in which reputation and integrity are critical. Over the past 30+ years, the members of Sequoia Strategies & Solutions have built exemplary reputations for being solid performers. From design and development to implementation and sustainment, Sequoia Strategies & Solutions offers a wide range of professional services to meet the needs of our clients in the U.S and Allied Intelligence Communities (IC), the Department of Defense, and other federal and state government agencies.

Mission Systems Engineering:  Sequoia 
Strategies & 
Solutions provides technical engineering, 
architecture, and operational test support to 
evolve the 5-Eyes tactical SIGINT Enterprise.  
Sequoia works to ensure interoperability of 
technology, capability, and processes to enable 
full mission compatibility for defense, 
intelligence and law enforcement & security 

Intelligence Support Services: Sequoia 
& Solutions provides seasoned subject matter 
expertise to help integrate intelligence 
and outcomes across the spectrum of national 
tactical intelligence environments. Our goal is 
help define and develop repeatable concepts of 
operations (CONOPs) that will ensure a 
collaborative national-tactical mission 
that is coordinated, synchronized, and 

Cyber Operations:  he Cyber domain affords us a 
tremendous opportunity to increase our ability 
conduct various tasks in warfare and 
This new domain also presents significant 
challenges due to its speed and its ubiquitous 
nature.  In its most basic terms, however, 
is a domain just like Air and Space, and just 
in the evolution of Air and Space, there are 
challenges that require focused attention.

Sequoia Strategies & Solutions believes that 
there are new challenges presented by Cyber 
operations, the Cyber community faces the same 
issues as every other domain: Interoperability 
between its national and tactical components.  
Sequoia's Mission System Engineering and 
Intelligence Support Services are just as 
appropriate to the Cyber domain as they are to 
other: Sequoia Strategies & Solutions is ready 
apply its proven approaches to solve those 
interoperability challenges.

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