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Social Intelligence Corporation
Member Since: 2013 
735 State Street, Suite 600
Santa Barbara, California 93101


Chief Operating Officer:
Geoff Andrews

Vice President:
Adam Lurie

Business Focus:
Social Intelligence Corp. provides social media data, tools, and reports to commercial and Government organizations. We have an extensive background in social media, and our core business focuses on social media and publicly available online data. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif., we have developed a unique suite of products including employment background screenings, insurance claims investigations, corporate due diligence, and Government services. Social Intelligence offers SaaS based search tools, predictive scoring algorithms, and proprietary data to deliver unparalleled solutions to reduce costs and keep companies and people safe.

Our software solutions, in conjunction with our 
highly trained labor force of Social Media 
Analysts, allow Social Intelligence to leverage 
valuable internet data for a number of different 
purposes, through a variety of products. We have 
experience in managing high-level government 
programs as well as supporting research projects. 

The main product suites Social Intelligence offers are as follows. For more information on any of the below, please visit our website at


Social Intel Background Investigation: A report 
that details whether an individual's publicly 
available online data contains information that 
may be relevant for the Security Clearance or 
Employment Suitability process.

Social Intelligence Monitoring: Real-time 
reporting of actionable information from publicly available online data as it occurs.

Program Integrity Solutions: Catching fraudsters 
and saving the government millions of dollars.

Data aggregation & Identity Resolution Software 
Tools: A web-based software tool that confirms 
online identity from disparate data sources. 


Social Insight: Comprehensive picture of an 
applicant's complete publicly available online 

Social Screen: Innovative background screening fit for all levels of employment.

Social Check: Baseline social media background 
screening to verify all of your hiring needs.

Continuous Insight: Monitoring for enforcement of company policy and protection against insider 

Social Intelligence also offers a number of 
custom-tailored solutions, professional services, data options, and analytics tools. 

Social Intelligence serves over 300 customers and partners, including Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. We serve a broad range of markets, with clients including DOD, members of the intelligence community, human resource departments of corporations, insurance companies, private investigators, lawyers, vetting firms, and more. Social Intelligence has also successfully secured and completed a number of prior government and commercial contracts and continues to deliver valuable online data to projects currently in progress.

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