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Philip A. Green

Partner, Chief Technology Officer:
Christopher Hawthorne

Contracts Manager, AFCEA Contact:
Irmaris Rosas-Nazario

Business Focus:
Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems (INNOPLEX) delivers integrated and innovative engineering solutions for government and commercial client's systems engineering and information assurance challenges. We have extensive experience supporting Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) clients through all stages of the engineering development life cycle. Our expertise spans Hardware and Software Systems Engineering, Integration, Testing, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) analysis, and Wireless Network Information Assurance for tactical and strategic SIGINT activities (CONUS & OCONUS). We also deliver and sustain critical enterprise IT infrastructure and network solutions for the US government. Our staff embodies decades of mission experience around the globe. Our size and corporate culture give us a decisive advantage over most competitors based on our ability to be extremely agile and innovative - thinking outside the box to develop well- researched and affordable solutions. INNOPLEX's primary areas of expertise center on developing and supporting intelligence collection hardware for the DoD and related agencies.

Engineering Solutions:
RF SIGINT Systems Development and Analysis

Tactical Hardware and Software Engineering

Geo-locational Engineering Support and Exercise Support

Digital Signals Processing Algorithm and Exploitation Software Engineering

Enterprise SIGINT Software Development and 
Enterprise Mission Management

REDHAWK Development and Tactical System 

End-to-End Mission Data Flow

QRC System Deployment

Enterprise IT Architecture and Data Center 

Multi-Party and Multi-Security Level System 

SIGINT Analytic Tool Integration and Testing
Cross Domain and Firewall Engineering

IC ITE Integration; AWS and Amazon S3 Cloud 

Citrix Engineering and VDI Systems Engineering

Splunk Analytics and Continuous Security 

24x7 Tier 1, 2, & 3 Development and Operational 

Help Desk Support

Enterprise Wireless Cyber Security and Analysis

Tactical Wi-Fi SIGINT Collection and Analysis with Deep Packet Inspection

Insider Threat Detection

Development of custom Collection Hardware and Software Systems for Vulnerability Detection

Experts in 802.11, Commercial Cellular, 
Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Other Protocols

802.11 Hardening for Classified Networks and 
Wireless Site Surveys

Wireless Intrusion Detection Configuration and Deployment

SCADA Wireless Vulnerability Assessment
Continuous IR&D with Industry Leaders
INNOPLEX's Automated Reconnaissance & Integrated Intelligence (ARIIA) line of Covert/Unobtrusive Cyber Security Products

ARIIA:  A compact, self-contained (laptop 
based), RF and packet detection, collection, 
transmission source location, and analysis 
system targeted towards commercial wireless 
analysis from 70 MHz to 6 GHz with a bandwidth of 45 MHz at 16-bit resolution

Additional Features:
SDR Integrated Full Spectrum Analysis

Integrated 2 Channel Packet Capture and Analysis

Linux OS and VM capabilities to run Custom 

8 Hour Battery Life

ARIIA-Lite:  A custom hardware and software 
suite of packet capture tools in a commercially 
available 2-in-1 tablet form-factor

Additional Features:
Dual Channel Covert Packet Analysis

2 Channel Packet Capture and Analysis with 

Splunk Integration

Runs Fully Closed in a Backpack

7 Hour Battery Life

ARIAA Wi-Fi Extended (WE):  A compact, tactical, self-contained (laptop based), multi-channel, packet detection, collection, and analysis 

Additional Features:
Tactical Focused Wi-Fi Survey, Collection, and 
Analysis System

Quad-Channel Packet Capture and Analysis with OmniPeek

Simultaneous Scanning and Fixed Channel 

Windows 10 OS and VM Capabilities to Run Custom Software

Extended-Range Detection and Processing with External Antennas

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