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Optical Zonu Corporation
Member Since: 2013 
15028 Delano Street
Van Nuys, California 91411

  (818) 780-9701

President and Chief Executive Officer:
Meir Bartur

Director for Sales:
Soyola Baasan

Business Focus:
Optical Zonu is a leader of radio frequency over fiber optics (RF-over-Fiber) technology. Its product portfolio consists of a wide selection of modular and system level solutions. Standard broadband (20 MHz to 3 GHz) and extended frequency (10 KHz to 3.3 GHz) RF over Fiber modules are used in systems that provide wireless coverage, UHF and VHF signal distribution for public-safety, GPS-over- Fiber, applications requiring transmission of IF Band, L Band, S Band and C Band, for example.

GPS over fiber, satellite communication links, 
timing, 1PPS, low phase noise links, L band 

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