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Tanesia Barrow

Lt. Gen. Lewis Craparotta, USMC (Ret.)

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Bertina Cox

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Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC (Barrow Wise) is a consulting firm specializing in helping organizations unlock the power of rapidly evolving technology to maximize their investment by providing innovative and sustainable solutions in federal and commercial markets. Our clients often face challenges developing technology roadmaps for the future, enabling new cybersecurity techniques, mining data to make more informed decisions, and automating manual processes. Barrow Wise works with organizations to discover and leverage business disruptions, tailor beneficial business and operating model transformations, prepare contingencies to drive organizational changes, maximize and sustain the value generated by key organization capabilities. Barrow Wise is at the forefront of technological advancements. Our rare leaders are key emitters of trends and best practices. Barrow Wise offers creativity coupled with innovative business solutions which result in lower costs, increased efficiency, and increased accountability. We are a nationwide firm, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland with regional offices in San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida. Our leaders have helped federal government and commercial clients to surpass their goals and accomplish their mission.

Understanding, designing, and executing a comprehensive business transformation plan can help your organization remain responsive, agile, and successful in a challenging environment. Disruptions such as the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G are changing the methods and environments in which organizations are conducting business. Meeting mission and operational needs don't stop, and your organization's business efforts need to be agile and responsive, with a culture that understands, accepts, adapts, and succeeds in business transformation. Barrow Wise is a leading collaborator for Business Transformation, its change management strategy to align People, Process and Technology efforts, carrying out the implementation of the activities to achieve the desired outcomes. Our skilled professionals have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to help you see the course ahead and to develop an actionable plan, aligning your organization initiatives more closely with its business strategy and vision, supporting and innovating new business approaches. Strategy to Delivery Technology breakthroughs, shifts in internal and external business demands, cyber security needs, changing strategies and initiatives, new regulations and requirements are just some of the forces continuously impact organizations today. Acknowledging and owning the disruption with dedicated leaders is a great transformation strategy factor. Barrow Wise can help your organization reaffirm, rethink, restructure, and move forward with fundamental changes to your organization's business, cyber security, and operating models that can help you progress in a new strategic direction, and maximize value amid disruption. Designing, implementing, and following a comprehensive approach to business transformation can help your organization make the most of the opportunities created by disruption. How We Deliver Successful and sustainable business transformations don't take place in isolation. We start by assessing the organization holistically or by IT functional areas (ITSM, Multi-Cloud Migration, and Cybersecurity). Our leaders utilize the information to develop the future state to create inclusive environments that address every aspect of a client's transformation needs. We incorporate our client-centric approach with industry best tools and methodologies, systematic management of projects, programs and portfolios in alignment with the organizations strategic business goals, to help clients through each phase of business transformation, from discovery to designing a solution, to delivering optimal design, through providing the agile support to balance and sustain the value of the transformation. Our approach allows us to provide innovative, progressive solutions that leverage evolving technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, blockchain, information sharing solutions, automated process design, and machine learning to transform your organization and industry. Why Barrow Wise? We have the dynamic experience, knowledge, expertise, and resources to guide organizations through even the most complex business transformations. We create cross-functional teams of subject matter and innovation experts to provide our clients with the right data, insights, and advice at the right time. Our comprehensive end-to-end approach means that we deliver business model and operating model change to unlock value for all stakeholders. We address contingencies to help ensure that leaders are aligned, prepared, capable, and motivated to effect significant organizational change. We provide high quality, innovative solutions resulting in timely transformations while helping build the capability to sustain value over time. Barrow Wise is defined by our collaborative culture that enables us to work holistically with our clients and alliances to maximize value.

US Navy, Department of Treasury, FAA, US Army, GSA, Regional One Health, and various commercial companies.

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GSA 8(a) STARS III, GSA FAS ITC PM and IT SME BPA, GSA MAS 541611,54151S; Seaport-NxG; FAA eFast; DLA JETS (subcontractor); CMS SPARCS (subcontractor); Regional One Health Master Services Agreement.

ISO 9001:2015 CMMI Level 2 Services

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