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AFCEA actively works to increase the number of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions through its Women in AFCEA initiatives. 

The Women in AFCEA program aims to address the significant gender gap in the cybersecurity industry by specifically targeting women and fostering diversity and representation. Through mentorship, networking opportunities such as virtual happy hours and in-person events, leadership opportunities, and panels at each AFCEA International event, Women in AFCEA equips female members and industry allies with the tools and confidence to thrive in a traditionally male-dominated field. Our program amplifies the voices and contributions of women in cybersecurity, not only cultivating individual success but also enriching the industry community, to drive innovation and foster a more inclusive and equitable future.

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The Women's Appreciation Award recognizes and honors AFCEA members, regardless of gender, who have gone above and beyond to further the careers of women. In 2024, AFCEA honored eight such leaders.

Women in AFCEA Events

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Meet, engage and collaborate with a variety of professionals, including officers and enlisted personnel, academia, civilian government and industry as an individual member of AFCEA. Become involved with one of the many chapters worldwide and attend events like the STEMpowerment Forum, which features invaluable panel and keynote discussions for women in the industry. AFCEA's women-focused events touch on issues such as why many girls distance themselves from educational paths that can lead to successful careers in STEM fields and how to address gender biases, while exploring technical topics relevant to cybersecurity.

Many AFCEA chapters have their own Women in AFCEA programs and events, which may be explored using the below buttons.





Our annual Women's Appreciation Event  is held in conjunction with AFCEA/USNI WEST.

Attendees of this event enjoy networking with senior leaders in their community, followed by either a keynote speaker or fireside chat and ending with a presentation of the Women’s Appreciation Awards. Several AFCEA members each year are honored with this prestigious award for their efforts to elevate women in their network, workplace or professional community. The awards are presented at the Women's Appreciation Event each year during WEST in San Diego. 

2025 awards information and application coming fall 2024!


Women in AFCEA provides a supportive and understanding community where women can share experiences, challenges, and successes, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity through our monthly virtual happy hours. At these informal virtual gatherings, women in the cybersecurity field are able to make connections, share personal observations, ask questions, access valuable mentorship opportunities from those who have navigated similar career paths, as well as gain valuable insights and guidance. Furthermore, by amplifying each other's voices and advocating for gender diversity, women in these networks contribute to shifting the culture of their industry towards greater inclusivity and equality, ultimately benefiting not only themselves but future generations of women in the field.



Women in AFCEA offers many volunteer opportunities such as mentorship, event organizers, community outreach liaisons and more, allowing our female members the opportunity to develop and refine crucial leadership abilities. These volunteer positions often require strategic planning, effective communication, problem-solving, and team management skills, all of which are highly transferable to leadership positions within the cybersecurity field. Moreover, volunteering provides hands-on experience in navigating complex organizational structures, building networks, and advocating for causes, which are essential skills for driving change and progress in any leadership role. Through their involvement in Women in AFCEA programs, women not only gain practical leadership experience but also contribute to empowering and uplifting other women in the industry.


In 2024 Women in AFCEA launched it's inaugural Mentorship Program. The program identified 12 inspiring women mentors who support the DoD and are passionate about leading, counseling and advising. Each mentor waspaired with an up-and-coming, ambitious mentee applicant who is passionate about personal development. Our goal is to continue this program and create an alliance that supports, empowers and serves Women in AFCEA.
Our definition of "mentorship" is an alliance and support system to help an individual grow, both personally and professionally, by helping the mentee identify and maximize their strengths and full potential. The mentor will lead with exceptional active listening, empathy, vulnerability, confidence and transparency.

The Spring 2024 cycle is currently closed, but please check back for our second launch in late 2024/early 2025! More information regarding the program can be viewed on our Women in AFCEA Mentorship page.

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The opportunity to establish and advance Women in AFCEA enabled me to grow as a leader, directly motivating me to take risks at work and create new innovative capabilities
Ashley Becker
Chair, Women in AFCEA
Brooke Eiser
AFCEA has allowed me to expand my network, give back to the community and grow my career. If you are looking for lifetime relationships and connections while giving back to your community, AFCEA is the place for you!
Brooke Eiser
Account Executive Army in the North East, USSOCOM, INSCOM, EUCOM and DISA; Affigent
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