Women Outreach Leadership Network

AFCEA’s Women Outreach Leadership (WOL) network seeks to increase participation and visibility of women at the local chapters of AFCEA International.

Women Outreach Leadership Network  

AFCEA’s Women Outreach Leadership (WOL) network isn’t solely an AFCEA initiative; it is an extended family.

As one of the three pillars of Women in AFCEA, the Women Outreach Leadership network seeks to replicate its goals and events at chapters all over the globe.    

  • The intent of the WOL network is to assist chapter presidents in achieving the following goals:  
  • Nominate leaders to the AFCEA International Board of Directors   
  • Create a WOL position on each chapter’s Executive Committee  
  • Host a women-focused event or initiative at each chapter  
  • Initiate a women-related program (focused on STEM, scholarships, mentorship, etc.) at each chapter  

The network is excited to start working with chapter presidents and volunteers to achieve these goals. If you are interested in joining us on this important journey, reach out today to women@afcea.org. As a Women Outreach Leader, you will broaden your network, enjoy leadership opportunities and vote for the winners of the Women’s Appreciation Awards. Our growing network looks forward to engaging with you!  

Co-Leads of the Network

Colleen Dilly, Central Maryland Chapter

Brooke Eiser, Aberdeen Chapter

Jennifer Spencer, Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter



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