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AFCEA offers a wide range of white papers, EBooks, case studies and analytical content in our Resource Library. These documents may be relevant to your work and of interest to you as a member of the global defense, security and intelligence community. The content updates often so please bookmark this page and come back frequently.

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Big Data
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Big data is on every network managers lips as systems and operations are re-shaped to take advantage of this information wellspring. This EBook contains valuable insight on some of the big data initiatives underway and the technology involved as covered by SIGNAL Media.

The Future of Internet Governance
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The central theme of our research was and remains the issue of the existing and future evolution of the much-debated current Internet governance model. The current construct is often described as the ICANN model after the organization that has its roots in the earliest history of the Internet and has indeed evolved to represent global needs. It is easy to find alternative models, along with advocates for each. We present some of them and offer pros/cons for each.

Insider Threat: Protecting U.S. Business Secrets and Sensitive Information
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The objective of this paper is to identify the successful elements of insider threat programs established by U.S. businesses and to use this knowledge to advance information protection efforts for those businesses that are just become aware of the problem.

A Business Model for an Interoperable World
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You CAN develop interoperable systems affordably. Use the new RTI open source model. RTI helps you sustain your software development culture affordably so you can concentrate on high-quality, reliable, and effective interoperable systems. The RTI Infrastructure Community program includes an option for a completely free version of RTI Connext DDS. Commercial RTI products use a simple, predictable, and easily-scaled pricing model.

The Case for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and Personal Identity Verification-Interoperability (PIV-I) Identity Credentials
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The federal government is making strides to implement identity management activities that will streamline the citizen user experience connecting to electronic government information and services. This paper highlights several challenges, discusses options for resolution, and provides recommendations on a way ahead for federal and commercial sector consideration for using PIV-I.