Member Since: 1966 
3170 Fairview Park Drive

Falls Church, Virginia 22042

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President, North American Public Sector:
Larry Prior

Business Focus:
As a go-to partner for critical national programs, CSC offers thought leadership, specialized skills and innovative services in critical areas for government clients. Leveraging a global footprint in both the private and public sectors and experience gained from serving almost every U.S. government agency, CSC's North American Public Sector brings innovative ideas and proven best practices to help the U.S. government meet mission-critical requirements.

CSC, one of the most diversified companies in the industry, 
provides information systems and 
solutions for a wide range of commercial organizations, 
government agencies and military services. 

Federal-sector clients include most U.S. federal government and military agencies.

Annual Sales:
$12.6 billion.

Small Business Status:
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