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Leonardo DRS, Inc.
Member Since: 1985 
Corporate Headquarters
2345 Crystal Drive, Suite 1000
Arlington, Virginia 22202

  (703) 416-8000

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications:
Joseph Militano

Business Focus:
Warfighters' lives don't depend on the best defense company. They depend on the company that provides them with the best solutions. Supports the most impactful causes. Grows under the most genuine leadership. And uses these values to deliver unyielding support to a growing commercial audience. That is what commitment built in means. Commitment to the people who need us. Commitment to you.

--Commercial Nuclear Design Services and Capabilities
--Commercial Nuclear Quality
--Custom Drives & Controls for Naval Applications
--Electronic Warfare (EW) Training System
--Maritime Capabilities
--Navy Controls
--Steam Turbine Design, Assembly and Repair

U.S. Defense Department, intelligence agencies, major aerospace/defense contractors, international military forces.

Access to Contract Vehicles:
GSA Schedule 70, GSA Schedule 84, C4ISR Test & Evaluation Support Services; EAGLE II; FCSA; GTACS; IESS, SeaPort-e

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