Medium Corporate Member

Sunair Electronics LLC
Member Since: 1975 
3131 Southwest 42nd Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

  (954) 400-5100

Rishi Kukreja

Vice President, Finance:
S.B. Durham

Vice President, Systems and Services:
Andrew Cole

Business Focus:
Innovative solutions provider of high-frequency (HF) communications systems, with 52 years of experience. Sunair designs and produces digital- and software-defined HF radio equipment (transceivers, receivers, transmitters, amplifiers) and peripheral modems, message handling and frequency-agile equipment that provide adaptive and reliable HF radio networks. These products are designed for applications in C3I fixed-ground base, transportable, shipboard and sheltered environments. Sunair is a full-service company providing training programs, field service/installation, systems engineering and integrated logistics support worldwide.

The latest in digital technology for HF wireless, TADIL/LINK 
systems for military and air traffic control systems. RT9000 
HF transceivers, ISB receivers and exciters, power amplifiers 
up to 
10 kW, antenna couplers, and Pathfinder DMS terminal.

U.S. and foreign governments, military services and large commercial customers in more than 60 countries on all continents.

Annual Sales:
$10 million.

Small Business Status:
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