Robbins-Gioia, LLC
Member Since: 1991 
11 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 200
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

  (703) 548-7006

Chief Executive Officer:
Jim Leto

Senior Executive Consultant:
Bruce Anich

Marketing Manager:
Katie McManus

Business Focus:
Robbins-Gioia offers program management solutions based on a triad approach of experienced professionals, results-driven processes and enabling technology. Since 1980, Robbins-Gioia has earned a worldwide reputation at Fortune 500 companies and government organizations for providing measurable results to support the successful implementation of strategic initiatives.

Specializing in reducing risk, increasing the 
probability of success and quantifying results in 
large, complex 
programs. These programs include process 
improvement, compliance, 
manufacturing modernization, systems integration 
and logistics 

U.S. Marine Corps, Verizon, Customs and Border Protection, DHS, US-VISIT, TSA, VA, Army, Air Force, U.S. Patent and Trade Office.

Annual Sales:
$100 million.

Small Business Status:
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