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Energy Technologies Inc.
Member Since: 1994 
219 Park Avenue East
Mansfield, Ohio 44902-1845

  (419) 522-4444

General Manager and Chief Executive Officer:
P.D. Madden

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and AFCEA Contact:
T.D. Lowe

Executive Assistant:
D.L. Kelly

Business Focus:
Energy Technologies Inc. provides its clients with system-engineered, cost-effective solutions to technical requirements via the design and manufacture of rugged, highly reliable, modularly configurable electronic equipment. Rugged, high-reliability UPS, power-distribution units, inverters, converters, generators, power conditioning and computer peripheral products for stationary sites, ships, submarines, vehicles, aircraft and deployable applications. Energy Technologies' products are a standard in rugged, high-reliability power conditioning used by defense, industrial, medical and telecommunications experts. In use worldwide, each of these engineered products is modular in design.

MilitaryPower® rugged, intelligent, rackmount 
uninterruptible power 
systems (UPS), power distribution units (PDU), integrated 
systems (IPS) and frequency converters; 
TacticalPower® global, hardened, deployable TacticalUPS®, 
TacticalInverters®, TacticalSolar®, TacticalFuelCells®, 
TacticalGenerators® and TacticalPowerPlant®.

U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, plus state and federal government, prime contractors and industrial, utility and telecommunications companies worldwide.

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