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INTRACOM Defense Electronics
Member Since: 2009 
21km Markopoulou Avenue
GR 194 00, Koropi, Athens

  30 210 667 8000

Chief Executive Officer:
George Troullinos

Communication and Public Relations Manager:
Sotiris Papadimitriou

International Sales Director:
Theodore Tsitouras

Business Focus:
INTRACOM Defense Electronics designs, develops and manufactures military electronics and communication systems and is a leading electronics supplier in the defense field in Greece. The company emphasizes an international presence by promoting its products and services and by participating in multinational programs. INTRACOM Defense Electronics expands its international partnerships through joint ventures and co-production programs with leading manufacturers, resulting in the company's implementing state-of-the-art electronics for military systems.

Military communication systems, cryptographic equipment, 
command, control and communications systems (C3I), missile 
electronic components, military software applications and test 
Full customer support and maintenance services during project 
implementation, customer training, reliability analysis and 
testing and design verification.

Hellenic MOD, NATO, EDA, Cyprus MOD, KMW, Thales, Boeing, Saab, Raytheon, Diehl, Atlas Elektronik, Northrop Grumman, Ramsys, Rheinmetall Defense, Zeiss, General Dynamics UK and Kongsberg.

Annual Sales:
66.3 million euros.

Small Business Status:
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