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Member Since: 2005 
1775 West Hibiscus Boulevard, Suite 200
Melbourne, Florida 32901

Telephone: (321) 984-1671

Chief Executive Officer:
Daniel Yelverton

R. Jeffrey Fisher

Program Manager:
Steve Iezzi

Business Focus:
Aeronix qualifies as a DOD small business, with headquarters in Melbourne, Florida. Aeronix has more than 30 years of broad experience developing hardware and software components for terrestrial, airborne and radiation-hardened space systems. Aeronix specializes in tactical military communications, high-assurance encryption, electronic support measures (ESM), WiMAX/802.16 and SCA-compliant software-defined radio.

Embedded systems/hardware/software development, 
wireless communications, rad-hard space systems, 
electronic support measures, SCA-compliant development, WiMAX, tactical protocols.

ISO 9001

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