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Pole/Zero Corporation
Member Since: 2005 
5558 Union Centre Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069


Business Development Engineer:
Bill Enigk

Business Development Engineer:
Steve Warden

Business Focus:
Radio frequency communication equipment in close proximity can experience severe mutual RF interference issues. Pole/Zero designs and manufacturers RF filters to control cosite interference problems and offers a full line of fast-hopping, digitally-tunable RF filters including Bandpass and Notch filters for integration into high-performance radio products. Additionally, Pole/Zero offers a line of integrated cosite equipment (ICE) that interfaces with modern transceivers to enhance their performance in severe cosite environments.

Digitally tunable RF filters, LNAs, 
pre/postselectors, filter/amplifier subsystems, 
cosite power amplifiers, solid-state switches and 
synthesizers for mitigation of cosite interference 
in RF systems.

Subcontractors that deliver complex platforms for various applications. Products are used every day in installations such as ground-fixed, ground-mobile, airborne and shipboard.

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