Jacobs Technology Inc.
Member Since: 2000 
5401 West Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 900
Tampa, Florida 33609

  (813) 282-3500

Rogers Starr

President Rogers Starr

Director of Business Development and AFCEA Contact:
John Stratis

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Jacobs Technology Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., an international engineering and technology firm. With a more than 70-year heritage of providing advanced engineering and information technology services, Jacobs Technology has achieved its international reputation through work for government and commercial customers worldwide. Jacobs Technology has established a significant presence in Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom and the Pacific Rim, in addition to its market in the United States.

Acquisition engineering, aerodynamics, C4ISR, electromagnetic effects, electro-optic infrared signatures, weapons system integration, information technology and computer engineering, and Intelligence and IO. MSN area analysis/alternatives analysis, modeling and simulation, range systems, sensors and seekers, special operations, structural mechanics, and test and evaluation.

Defense Department (Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Special Forces), other defense agencies, DOE, NASA, Australian and U.K. Ministries of Defence and federal agencies. Also, more than 150 commercial clients such as Boeing/McDonnell Douglas, Caterpillar, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, and Pratt & Whitney.

Annual Sales:
$2.5 billion.

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