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TACO Antenna
Member Since: 2002 
29 Sharp Road
Brantford, Ontario N3T 5L8

  (717) 975-0885

Ryan Murphy

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Denis Langevin

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Jeff Kunkle

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TACO has been a leading antenna manufacturer of fixed and portable VHF and UHF communication antennas for almost 80 years. TACO's VHF and UHF omni-directional antennas are single dipole or multiple dipole antennas. These multi-dipole or MULDIPOL collinear arrays has been developed specifically for civil aviation, ground-to-air, ground-to-ground and shipboard applications. TACO's portable UHF SATCOM antenna deploys in less than one minute.

TACO Antenna manufactures VHF and UHF fixed Helical SATCOM 
antennas, omni-directional antennas, portable UHF SATCOM 
antenna, Log Periodic, Ground Plane Omni antennas.

U.S. military, Federal Aviation Administration, NAV Canada, defense contractors, homeland security, U.S. Customs. International government and commercial clients around the globe.

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