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Jupiter Systems
Member Since: 2002 
31015 Huntwood Avenue
Hayward, California 94544

  (510) 675-1000

Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Alliances, and AFCEA Contact:
Brady O. Bruce

Daniel leCour

Robert Worthington

Business Focus:
For over 30 years, Jupiter has empowered organizations large and small, public and private, by delivering a revolutionary way for them to see their businesses. We pioneered display wall processor technology, bringing a 360-degree view of operations to the control rooms of many of the world's most venerable organizations. We made access to critical visual information simple, secure and reliable. We're still innovating. Managing a successful global enterprise requires that managers "inside and outside of the control room" be able to see and engage with every corner of the business in real time. Anytime, anywhere and on whatever device is handy. And that's what we have delivered. With technologies like Canvas and Fusion Catalyst™, Jupiter takes visualization and collaboration to a level previously unimaginable, enabling real engagement for widely dispersed teams. Jupiter's goal: To enable rapid, accurate, informed decision-making by delivering collaborative visualization products that transform business. -

Canvas has set the standard for collaborative visualization on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and control room display walls. Global 2000 companies in fields from finance to pharmaceuticals to oil and gas, construction, engineering, and electric utilities, as well as governments and public agencies use Canvas to manage operations. The Canvas CRS-4K™ system extends the power of Canvas' award-winning solution to teams working in conference rooms and huddle rooms. The Canvas CRS-4K system is a small, quiet box that can be located anywhere in the room. What it enables is enormous. With the Canvas CRS-4K, teams in huddle rooms can collaborate with remote colleagues running Canvas on almost any device, sharing live video, real-time data, application screens, web windows, documents, and presentations. Users can annotate onscreen, coordinate using voice and text chat, share whiteboards, and jointly edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Using Canvas SimpleShare™, any user can walk into the conference room and wirelessly present their laptop screen to both local and remote Canvas participants. No cables to connect, no dongles to hunt down. Other features include Microsoft LyncŪ integration and support for calls to and from 3rd party SIP-based systems to share video and audio. The Canvas CRS-4K supports up to four 1080p HD displays or a single 4K Ultra HD display.

CIA, NSA, FBI, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, Pentagon, DHS, NATO.

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