Medium Corporate Member

Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc.
Member Since: 2003 
9242 Lightwave Avenue
San Diego, California 92108

  (619) 702-1700

President and Chief Executive Officer:
Bryan B. Min

Senior Adviser to the President:
Dwayne Junker

Program Manager:
Alyx Schmidt

Business Focus:
Epsilon Systems, a San Diego-based veteran-owned business, is a diversified professional and technical services company. Epsilon Systems was founded in 1998 by U.S. Navy veteran and Korean immigrant Bryan B. Min and now has a national presence with close to 1000 employees in 21 locations.

Technical services support in marine and security 
technology, nuclear operations and environmental 
management, fleet engineering services, IT and 
communications, flat-panel display design, 
development and production.

Epsilon supports DOD, DOE, DOI and DHS.

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