Medium Corporate Member

Colorado Professional Resources LLC
Member Since: 2003 
1490 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite F
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

  (719) 599-1353

General Manager:
Montgomery S. White


Business Focus:
CPR's suite of professional engineering services addresses MILSATCOM engineering and analysis, defense systems simulation and software engineering and training. The company provides IT and engineering services through its GSA Professional Engineering Services Schedule, NIH ECS III contract and the VA Global IT Support Services contract. CPR consults and helps companies plan, implement and manage multivendor industry standard computing environments.

SATCOM engineering and analysis and defense-related simulation 
services, enterprise systems management, IT systems security and 
custom applications development.

AFSPACE COM, ARSPACE, USAFA, Naval Surface Warfare Center, NCIS Anti-Terrorism, multiple U.S. government prime contractors, Colorado Springs utilities, Arizona and California.

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