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SE Solutions Inc.
Member Since: 2004 
11951 Freedom Drive, 13th Floor
Reston, Virginia 20190

  (703) 251-4848

Chief Executive Officer:
John Rothenberger

Paul Taltavull

Intelligence Program Director:
Jason Sparks

Business Focus:
Strategic Enterprise Solutions (SE Solutions) is a small business focused on intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement communities. Founded after 9/11, the company is focused on supporting emerging missions and collaboration requirements of government. The company is positioned to support a broad range of information technology and management consulting disciplines. The management team is highly experienced and has extensive IT management experience spanning nearly 30 years. The company is capable of acting as either a prime or subcontractor and provides highly skilled employees at highly competitive labor rates.

PopKin System Architect, Metis, EAMS and Rational. 
Other specific skills include CISCO, Unix, C, C++, Java, 
Oracle, Infoglide, e.Power, Hummingbird, C#, VB.NET, 
ASP.NET, Assembly, XML, SQL, CodeWarrior, 
Windows Server 2003, Visual Studio.NET, ASP. 

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