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Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI)
Member Since: 2006 
2925 Northwest Aloclek Drive
Suite 120
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124


Chief Executive Officer:
Kaz Ikeda

VP - Global Sales & Marketing:
Bill Evenson

Business Focus:
Fiber SenSys works closely with government end-users, systems integrators and defense contractors worldwide. The company provides PL1-N approved Fiber-Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (FOIDS) and PDS / PON / GPON layer-one network security sensors. The evaluated and tested FSI PDS Alarm System is installed in accordance with AFSSI 7703, AFMAN 33-201 V8, U.S. Navy Pub. P-5239-22 and NSTISSI 7003.

Perimeter FIODS Systems - FD525 / FD342 / FD508

SecurLAN: A DOD alarm sensor for the protected distribution 
systems (PDS) and a technology that saves on overhead costs 
and permits expanded use of classified 
processing in AF facilities.

U.S. military branches, U.S. Coast Guard, DOD and federal agencies, including DHS and DOE

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