Nokia Siemens Networks
Member Since: 2005 
6000 Connection Drive
Irving, Texas 75039

  (972) 374-3000

Head of North American Region:
Ricky Corker

Head of Government Business:
Robert M. Fennelly

Head of Customer Marketing, U.S. Region:
Robert Balconi

Business Focus:
Nokia Siemens Networks is a world leader in the design, implementation, operation and support of secure inter- office communications solutions for security authorities, defense organizations and other government departments. These departments include next-generation military networks, large network implementation, command and control solutions, infrastructure modernization projects and deployable voice/data solutions.

Unrivaled global portfolio and presence, a global managed 
services organization that helps manage networks serving 
more than 130 million subscribers worldwide and team 
members with specialist training and security clearance. 
Also, the highest levels of security and confidentiality, 
dedicated R&D infrastructure and full ISO certification.

More than 60 years of experience with the U.S. Army and other defense forces worldwide, including U.S. forces, national armed forces, NATO headquarters and intelligence services.

Annual Sales:
$19 billion.

Small Business Status:
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