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Twisted Pair Solutions Inc.
Member Since: 2005 
3131 Elliott Avenue, Suite 200
Seattle, Washington 98121

  (206) 442-2101

Director of Defense Programs:
Jeff Lucas

Director of Marketing:
James Mustarde

Business Focus:
Twisted Pair Solutions is the company behind WAVE, the de facto standard for software-based unified group communications and interoperability. Deployed in hundreds of tactical environments worldwide and throughout the global special forces community, WAVE allows the warfighter to rapidly deploy, manage and support mission-critical communications networks on any battlefield. The WAVE application suite serves an unlimited variety of devices and allows previously incompatible systems to work together seamlessly.

WAVE communications software and the WAVE SDK.

Worldwide defense agencies, including every branch of the U.S. military. Federal government and public safety agencies. Commercial enterprises in multiple sectors.

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