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Satcom Direct Communications Inc.
Member Since: 2005 
2550 Wasser Terrace
Suite 6000
Herndon, Virginia 20171

  (703) 549-3009

David Greenhill

Vice President and AFCEA Contact:
Stefan Tilliard

Sr. Director Business Operations:
Ed Slater

Business Focus:
Satcom Direct is the sole provider of the patented Global One Number (GON) dialing service for satellite and terrestrial communication systems. GON provides customers with a single 10-digit telephone number that can be reached worldwide, 24 hours every day. GON connects callers to Inmarsat classic Aero-H/H+, Swift64, SwiftBroadband and Iridium systems with the same ground-to-air telephone number and provides auto-fax detection. Satcom Direct pioneered the nose-to-tail FlightDeck Freedom capability for cockpit and cabin. SwiftBroadband, Inmarsat's fourth-generation aero service, blends seamlessly into existing services. Plane Simple also provided.

Aeronautical satellite communications services and support.

U.S. government and military, business aviation, maritime, first responders, national guard, fire and rescue.

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