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Aruba Networks
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Carol Melcher

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With hundreds of secure, government-validated networks accredited and deployed, Aruba Networks stands alone as the leading provider of next-generation network access solutions to the U.S. government. Aruba offers access solutions for the mobile enterprise, including secure wireless LAN (WLAN), remote access, outdoor mesh networks, guest access, classified networking and network access solutions. Aruba is a general-purpose secure mobility networking infrastructure company, offering distributed networking solutions for many location-centric or application-centric networking requirements.

Enterprise wireless, WLAN (Wi-Fi), voice over Wi-Fi (VoWIFI), wireless IDS (WIDS), wireless IPS (WIPS, RFID) asset tracking.

Aruba Networks Federal supports the U.S. Department of Defense and civilian agencies with one of the most secure mobile wireless access solutions in the industry.

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