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immixGroup Inc.
Member Since: 2005 
8444 Westpark Drive, Suite 200
McLean, Virginia 22102

  (703) 752-0610

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:
Jeff Copeland

Art Richer

Business Focus:
immixGroup provides government agencies with easy, reliable and cost-effective procurements of commercial technology products. Focused exclusively on the public sector, immixGroup was founded in 1997 to help technology companies do business with the government. Its key business processes are ISO 9001:2008 registered to ensure clients receive reliable, secure access to the products they require. Its deep experience supporting all phases of the government acquisition life cycle allow it to streamline a path to critical technology at competitive prices.

Commercial technology hardware and software from more than 250 large and emerging manufacturers, including cybersecurity, business intelligence and analytics, cloud enablement and management, big data, and more.

IBM, McAfee, Oracle, Brocade, Red Hat, CA, EMC, HP, Cisco, Appian, Brocade, Citrix, NetScout, Polycom, Sourcefire, VBrick, and more.

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