Medium Corporate Member

FORMIT Foundation
Member Since: 2005 
Via Giovanni Gemelli Careri, 11
00147 Rome Lazio

  39 06 51650020

Chief Executive Officer:
Giovanni Bisogni

AFCEA Contact:
Damiano Simeone

Business Focus:
The FORMIT Foundation works on a nonprofit basis and is a center for the promotion of activities with advanced technological content and for the transfer of the most significant experience in the following areas: advanced ICT technology, scientific research, technical support and analysis and industrial, financial and socioeconomic evaluation. Training and research and trials of new training methods, such as e-learning, play a significant role in company activities.

Since its foundation, FORMIT's actions have been developed 
according to the principle of absolute independence from 
suppliers of goods or services. Such independence is 
through the juridical status of a moral entity.

MODs, public administrations, United Nations.

Small Business Status:
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