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Red Rapids
Member Since: 2005 
797 North Grove Road, Suite 101
Richardson, Texas 75081

  (972) 671-9570

Ken Sienski

Chief Executive Officer:
Calvin Field

Business Focus:
Red Rapids offers a catalog of signal acquisition and generation hardware products that are targeted at communication, telemetry, radar and spectrum monitoring applications. Products include signal converters that quickly bridge the analog and digital domains; transmitters and receivers for up/down conversion; and FPGA accelerators for signal processing. All of the products are built around open architecture standards for embedded systems (XMC/VPX/cPCI) and server/desktop computers (PCIe).

Digital transceivers, RF converters, FPGA-based 
ADC/DAC, signal recorders and software-defined radio 

Commercial and defense system integrators seeking catalog products to reduce development expense and accelerate time to market.

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