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Anatech Electronics, Inc.
Member Since: 2007 
70 Outwater Lane
Post Office Box 2217
Garfield, New Jersey 07026

  (973) 772-4242

Sales and Marketing Manager:
Sam Benzacar

Business Focus:
Anatech Electronics specializes in custom RF and microwave filters and products. Its focus is to cater to the military wireless industry by providing products and solutions to the complex military wireless spectrum. Interference solutions, design integration and system integration are part of Anatech Electronics manufacturing and service capabilities. Anatech Electronics is an ISO 9001-qualified manufacturer and supplier of RF and microwave products to the military and commercial markets.

Bandpass filters, diplexers, duplexers, cavity 
bandpass filters, 
ceramic filters, crystal filters, voltage tuned 
Filters, Inmarsat, WiFi, 
GSM, PCS, filters for the wireless industry, 
lowpass, highpass and 
notch filters. Power dividers/combiners, antennae,
 terminators/loads, directional couplers, RF cables, 
system integration.

Boeing, Cubic, Motorola, ITT, Harris, Naval Warfare, Air Force, NAVAIR, Spawar, and many other military and commercial customers.

Annual Sales:
$5.8 million

ISO 9001:2008-certified

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