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The Intelligence & Security Academy LLC
Member Since: 2008 
4121 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800
Arlington, Virginia 22203


President and Chief Executive Officer:
Mark Lowenthal

Operations Manager:
Stephanie Sever

Business Focus:
For more than a decade The Intelligence & Security Academy has been a leading provider of education, training and consulting in intelligence and across a broad range of national security issues and competencies and the more general area of analytic training. The Intelligence & Security Academy brings many decades of senior executive experience in intelligence, national security and policy analysis that its clients can apply to their programs and processes.

Education and training courses; consulting.

Intelligence agencies; U.S. government agencies involved in national security issues; organizations within the DOD and military branches; private sector companies supporting national security and those interested in improving their staff's knowledge and their analysts' capabilities.

Annual Sales:
$1 million.

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