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Network Instruments
Member Since: 2011 
10701 Red Circle Drive
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343

  (904) 287-9798

Douglas Smith

Federal Sales Manager:
Steve Bowen

Business Focus:
Network Instruments' central mission is to enable IT organizations to provide optimal network, infrastructure and application service delivery. Application performance management, network performance monitoring, network forensics and visibility into virtualized environments are key strengths.

Observer software: common codeset providing 
analytics. GigaStor: multiterabyte capture 
appliances. Observer Reporting Server: aggregated 
enterprise reporting. Observer Infrastructure: 
active testing of devices, routes and services.

Network Instruments' installed base includes 70 of the Global 100 companies and a strong presence in the DOD and civilian federal sectors. The company holds NIAP EAL-2 certifications, CONs and IA approvals for use on the AF-GIG.

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