Medium Corporate Member

Spectrum Partners, LLC
Member Since: 2011 
12 Christopher Way, Suite 200
Eatowntown, New Jersey 07724

  (888) 880-7732

President, Chief Executive Officer and AFCEA Contact:
Angela Jenkins-Lester

Trusted Adviser:
Col. Juan Fernandez (Ret.)

Government Relationship Manager:
James Dixon

Business Focus:
Spectrum Partners is an EDWOSB full-service enterprise information technology management and consulting firm with worldwide capabilities. Spectrum supports enterprise IT needs by designing, delivering and managing voice, data and converged networks seamlessly for secure-wired and wireless environments. Spectrum's niche is Voice over IP (VoIP), Everything over IP (EOIP), IT infrastructure, certification and accreditation (C&A)- DIACAP, and vendor support for JITC certification.

Products and professional services support include 
network infrastructure, power protection/UPS, and 
business telephone systems hardware.

Dept. of Defense; Dept. of Army

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